McPhee Description, Mission, Goals

McPhee Elementary is a Title I School serving diverse students in pre-school through 5th grade. The McPhee Community Learning Center opened in August of 2005 providing before and after school programs as well as summer programs and family nights.

McPhee Elementary provides all day kindergarten, literacy support and Reading Recovery. After school extended learning opportunities include Knowing Mathematics, Soar to Success programs and Homework Club.

The mission of the school is for students, staff, families and community members to work as a team to help our students achieve more. We believe that all students can learn, perform, and behave at grade level or above.

McPhee Mission Statement

McPhee’s mission is to achieve academic and social growth with equitable outcomes by serving students and impacting the community

School Improvement Goals

McPhee staff analyzes student achievement data each fall to determine the highest academic needs for the students in our building. Building wide goals are established collaboratively. Further analysis and discussion of needs then leads to the development of grade level “S.M.A.R.T. goals.” These goals guide the work that is done throughout the year to help students achieve success and to accomplish the building wide goals. McPhee’s building wide goals for the school year are: 1. To increase the knowledge, understanding and application of number sense across the curriculum for all students. 2. To increase the knowledge, understanding, and application of reading comprehension across the curriculum for all students.